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Description: STEVIN, Simon.

Les oeuvres mathematiques … Ou sont inserées les memoires mathematiques, esquelles s'est exercé le tres-haut & tres-illustre prince Maurice de Nassau, ... Le tout reveu, corrigé, & augmenté par Albert Girard, …
Leiden, Bonaventure and Abraham Elzevier, 1634. 6 parts in 1 volume. Folio. With hundreds of woodcut mathematical, astronomical, geometrical and cosmographical illustrations, figures, and tables in text. Contemporary vellum.
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First edition of the collected mathematical works (in French) of the renowned Dutch mathematician and engineer Simon Stevin. It was Stevin's most widely distributed publication and instrumental in propagating his ideas outside the Netherlands. They are here corrected, partly translated, enlarged and commented upon by Albert Girard (1595-1632), who was a notable mathematician himself. "A very convenient edition of Stevin's works, and probably the one which is used by most scholars" (Sarton).
The work is divided into six parts, the first containing Stevin's educational work l'Arithmétique, the second three of his works on cosmography, geography and astronomy (translations of Driehouchandel, Eertclootschrift and Hemelloop), the third a translation of his Meetdaet on geometry, the fourth a translation of Weeghconst on weights, hydrostatics, etc., the fifth a translation of Deursichtighe on optics and perspective, and the sixth his treatises on fortification.
With owner's inscription on flyleaf. Some wormholes in the outer margins of the first few quires and a stain in the lower margins of the first part and in the top margins of the second half, otherwise still good. Most sewing supports broken, but the binding is still good.
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