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Description: With poems in praise of Franklin, Washington, and La Fayette

Manuscript on paper. In Latin, Dutch, Greek, French, and English.

Middelburg, Petrus van Noemer, 1758-1796 Oblong 8vo. Contemp. red morocco, spine ribbed and richly gilt with black title-label, sides fully and richly gilt with ornamental borders and richly gilt inner panel with arabesque decoration, with the gilt legend "Petri van Noemer" in centre, g.e. (135) lvs., incl. blanks.

Interesting Album Amicorum in beautiful red morocco, owned by Petrus van Noemer, a member of a rich and influential merchant family in Zeeland, the Netherlands. His father, alderman of Zierikzee, was an active amateur poet. Apparently his son inherited his lyrical talent, as is witnessed by the presence in the Album of three poems in Latin by Petrus van Noemer, all in praise of great Democrats, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and La Fayette.
Petrus van Noemer studied medicine in Leyden, where he started his album in 1758. The contributions from Leyden are mostly written by his study-friends: J.H. Milet, who became a senator at The Hague, Abraham Muller from Vlissingen, Johan Anth. Clements, Louijssen Boom, L. Fruytiez, J.J. van Berlekom, H. van de Leur, W. Stam Jr. from Vlissingen, Joannes Carolus Schoorn, Isaac Boudewijnsen, S. Geene, Joh. And. Boijmans, David and Janus Hoogeveen, L. Calshoek, J.H. Metting, Henr. Becius, Jacob Thierry de Bije, Renatus Stenhuys, Matthaeus de Sart, Gerardus Belzaart, etc.
After his graduation Van Noemer settled as physicain in Zierikzee, but kept his Album alive. Several contributions are present from friends in Zeeland, including W. Parker, later Predii Sorgvlied, Joh. de Raad, P.A. de Jonge, who became a senator in Zierikzee, Jac. de Rijk, who went to The Hague
afterwards, Ettienne Sieard (or Lieard), and P.O. v.d. Thoorn, a bookdealer who wrote a poem on the occasion of Van Noemer's leaving for Curacao: "Vaarwel aan mijn Waarden Vriend den wel Edelen Heere P. van Noemer. Med. Dr. en Raad der Stad Zierikzee. Vertrokken van Zierikzee na Curacao met het Schip de Twee Gezusters, Schipper P. Cooman. op den 30 Meij 1780".
After Curacao, Van Noemer also stayed in New York for a few years. From this period four entries are present, by C.L. Camman, John G. Coster, Frederick Divoux, and Henry A. Costerdate, written in Dutch, Latin, French, and English. The two final contributions, dated 1796, are written by A.P. Geselle, Van Noemer's aunt, and Armand Loliot, a friend. And Petrus van Noemer himself closed the Album with a lengthy elegy on Jacobus de Rijk, a friend and contributor to the Album. Several indices are added as well, with adresses of "Amicorum Europeorum", "Amicorum Americanorum" and "Amicorum Europeorum reverso in Patriam".
According to the kind information, supplied by dr. J. Storm van Leeuwen of the Royal Library, The Hague, the beautiful binding was made by the "Jachtfriesbinderij" in Leyden.
Good copy.- (Top of spine sl. dam.).
On the family Van Noemer, see Nagtglas II, p. 281.
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