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Description: Two rare works on hydraulic engineering

La nouvelle ecluse à coulisses.- La nouvelle machine à creuser, les ports et les rivieres. Traduit du Hollandois.

La Haye, Amsterdam, for the author, H.C. Gutteling, Yntema et Tieboel, 1774. 2 works in one. Large folio. Modern half vellum, with brown sprinkled boards.
With numerous illustrations on the construction of a lift-lock on 6 folding engraved plates in the first work, and on the construction of a dredging-machine on 3 folding engraved plates in the second work.
XII, 18; VIII, 16 pp.

First French editions of two important new inventions in water-engineering by the famous Dutch mechanical engineer and inventor Cornelis Redelykheid (1728-1787), active in the second half of the eighteenth century. He received the sum of one thousand gold ducates from the Dutch government in reward for the successful demonstration of the lift-lock with sliding locks described in the first work. This encouraged him to invent, build and demonstrate the new invented dredging machine described in the second work. Both mechanical inventions are clearly explained and extensively illustrated on large plates, which were engraved by B. and F. de Bakker in the first work, and by C.J. de Huijser in the second work, all after designs of the author.

Fine, uncut copies.- (Manuscript ownership's entry on inside front cover; some minor staining).
Bierens de Haan 3902 and 3900.
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