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Description: JANSSONIUS, J.
Title: Mar del Zur, Hispanis Mare Pacificum.
Published in: Amsterdam, 1650

Size: 17.2 x 21.3 inches.
43.8 x 54.1 cm.

Original colours.
Condition: German text on verso. Usual paper browning and overall light brown spotting. Good condition.
Condition Rating

Jansson's fine map of the Pacific including the west coast of America with California shown as an island, Japan and a small Australian coastline. This is one of the earliest maps of the Pacific. The depiction of the Pacific Islands is most interesting. Japan and the Philippines are shown but are misshaped and wrongly placed.
New Guinea is shown as a fictitious chain of islands stretching halfway across the Pacific, being based on an idea from reports of Magellan's voyage.
California as an Island with a flat northern coastline from C.Blanco to C. de S.Lucas with the Vermillion Sea and Coast of Pearls. Decorated with rhumb lines and a compass rose at the very centre of the map.
Reference: Burden, America 292, state 1. Tooley, The Mapping of Australia 749.
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