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Title: [Old antique print of Hawaii] Terre Eoboo, Koning van Owhijhee, Kapitein Cook geschenken brengende.
Author: Cook, Capt. J.
PlaceAndYear: Leiden, 1795-1803.
Description: Captain James Cook (1728-79), explorer, circumnavigator and hydrographer. Three voyages, 1768-71, 1772-75 and 1776-79. From 1778 on printed editions of ' Captain Cook's Travels' appeared in English, Italian, French and Dutch. On his third voyage (1776- 1779) Cook caught the first sight of the Hawaiian islands on November 26, 1778 and left the archipelago on the 15th of March,1778, to return in February of 1779, where he was killed in a skirmish on February 14th.Terre Eoboo, king of Hawaii, on board of a proa bringing Captain Cook presents. Big Island high chief, Kalaniopuu, identified as Tereoboo in the title of this engraving, is pictured in transit on his way to visit Cook aboard the Resolution. He is portrayed in a feather cloak, standing towards the front of the lead outrigger. He is accompanied by a number of kahuna (temple priests), including the high priest, Kao. Gifts of pigs and produce are carried in the canoe to right of the lead canoe. The canoe in the left foreground carries four temple images.The scene was described in an entry from Cook's journal: "At noon on January 26, 1779, Tereoboo, in a large canoe attended by two others, set out from the village and paddled towards the ships in great state. As they went along, those in the center canoe kept singing with much solemnity, from which we concluded that the procession had some of their religious ceremonies mixed with it. But instead of going on board, they came to our side. Their appearance was very grand." From a Dutch edition of ‘Cook's voyages'.
Dimensions: 225 x 360 mm
Colouring: uncoloured
Condition: good
  • Number: 1010566 (3836)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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