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Title: [Old antique print of Hawaii] Een man van de Sandwich-Eylanden dansende.
Author: Cook, J.
PlaceAndYear: Leiden, 1795-1803.
Description: Captain James Cook (1728-79), explorer, circumnavigator and hydrographer. Three voyages, 1768-71, 1772-75 and 1776-79. From 1778 on printed editions of ' Captain Cook's Travels' appeared in English, Italian, French and Dutch. On his third voyage (1776- 1779) Cook caught the first sight of the Hawaiian islands on November 26, 1778 and left the archipelago on the 15th of March,1778, to return in February of 1779, where he was killed in a skirmish on February 14th. A man of Hawaii dancing. Hula, the Hawaiian word for dance, was a sacred component of Hawaiian culture. It is said to have been introduced to Hawaii from Tahiti, along with the pahu hula, a large, sharkskin-covered drum, and long bamboo tapping sticks called ka'eke'eke. These provided rhythmic accompaniment to the chants recited from memory that provided the hula with its often-poetic story line.The hula was performed as part of sacred temple ceremonials, to honor the genealogies of high-ranking chiefs, as well as in popular performances that attracted commoners and royalty alike. Both men and women performed hula, with numerous stylistic differences that evolved over centuries. Dancers might perform individually or in large, carefully choreographed groups. The solo dancer pictured in this image is seen holding an uli'uli, a feather-covered gourd rattle. On his calves are leggings made of loose-hanging dog's teeth. Called kupe'e niho 'ilio, they weighed up to ten pounds and included as many as 1,356 teeth, adding rhythmic accompaniment to the dancer's leg movements. The tattoos on the dancer's arms and legs are an example of the elaborate decoration in Hawaii. From a Dutch edition of ‘Cook's voyages'.
Dimensions: 153 x 110 mm
Colouring: coloured
Condition: excellent condition.
  • Number: 1011263 (3838)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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