20 JEAN-BAPTISTE NICOLAS DENIS / Le Neptune Oriental 195


Description: e Neptune Oriental, dédié au Roi. [with] Supplement. 69 engraved maps or coastal views, some double-page mainly by Alexander Dalrymple ,Folio, 545x400 mm, full mottled calf; Paris and Brest: Demonville and Malassis, 1775, 1781
Le Neptune Oriental dédié au Roi. Second editIon. A París, rue S. Severin... ; Et A Brest : Chez Demonville, Imprimeur-Libraire de l'Academie Francoise... : Chez Malassos, Imprimeur-Libraire de la Marine, 1775. Large folio. ([4] p., x p., 194 col., [4] p., 59 h. de lam.) : 69 maps. ; 57 x 47 cm.
This much enlarged rare French Sea Atlas of the coasts of Africa, Australia, the Red Sea, India, the East Indies, Indochina and Formosa contains now 69 engraved maps or coastal views, some double-page.
The second edition includes some fine maps of the Arabian Peninsular. One of the charts covers the central portion of the western coast of present-day Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, the largest port on the Red Sea and a major gateway to Mecca, is the only city shown. The rest of the detail is confined to the sea, which is filled with rhumb lines, soundings, hazards, shoals, and anchorages.
Mannevillette spent 30 years, often in conjunction with Alexander Dalrymple, working on the second edition of his maritime atlas. It was substantially enlarged from the first edition of 1745 and was heavily used throughout the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries.
Most maps are now corrected and among the new maps were many prepared by Dalrymple including the famous map of Hong Kong area: Carte d'une partie des Côtes de la Chine et des Isles adjacentes depuis l'Isle nommée la Pierre Blanche, jusqu'à celle de l'Artimon. The most important milestone chart based upon the surveys made from navigational surveys and soundings in 1754, 1759, and 1760 by Alexander Dalrymple. This edition of Dalrymple's map was published by his friend and French colleague, Jean-Baptiste D'Apres de Mannevillette in his later editions of Neptune Orientale.
The chart extends from just West of Macao which is shown as is the Bocca. Tigris narrows on the Pearl River to the North. Prominently shown are the islands around present-day Hong Kong with Lantao and Lamma both identified.
Hong Kong island is shown and identified as Fanchinchow with its island nature only tentatively shown. The promontories of Stanley Peak and D'Agular Peaks both tentatively shown in dotted outline.
A simply engraved but important map with Latitude and longitude scales and system of rhumb lines, soundings near coast and in bay areas.
References: Phillips, Alases, 3166;Howgego, Encyclopedia of Exploration to 1800.
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