10 manuscript, conquest and colonization of the Marianes 208


Description: Important manuscript about the conquest and colonization of Marianas islands

Author Anónimo

circa 1692.


Philippines,most probably Manila circa 1692.Folio, 60 leaves of manuscript text in both sides( 52 leaves in 4to size with 26-28 lines and 4 leaves in folio with 42-43 lines) written in dark-brown ink. The script with some pages not neatly written and show some difficulty for reading. Bound in XIX century dark blue full leather with title in spine. This interesting manuscript begins with the arrival of the Manila Galleon “ Sto Niño” commanded by Antonio Nieto and the anonimus author(probably one of the officials of the Spanish garrison) is giving accurate details month by month (some monthes described day by day) of what is known as the “ Chamorro Second War” that was basically an uprising of the indians against the spanish dominion that took a first attempt from 1678-82 (First Chamorro War) and the second one from 1683 -1686 that is widely described in this manuscript. There are many names and events described through the text,either little uprisings of small comunities and the fierce repression by the spaniards or general uprisings.where many unknown names up to now come to light : Captain Vazquez,capt Cruz,Lieutenat Bustillo, father Matias Cuculino,Antonio Nieto etc. The core of the text is the conquest and conversion of the Marianas from 1676 to 1690. as a discursive reality that turned the islands in a violent theater wherein the Chamorros were defined as ruthless warriors and the Jesuits,on the contrary as victims of the betrayals and retaliations of their newly converted souls. This información or “memorial” like some other of later periods in public libraries, stood out the behaviour of the military heroes of the colonization. After the Second Great war,the jesuits clearly adopted the political and religious leadership in the islands becoming the founders of a real “missionary state” wherein the martyrs acted as moral referents of the subjugated territories. This manuscript is very rich in data about the everyday life that is impossible to abstract in these lines. This stormy period in the Marianas is well described in the article by Alexandre Coello de la Rosa: “Colonialismo y santidad en las Islas marianas: Los soldados de Gedeon(1676-90) Hispania 2010 vol LXX nr 234 pgs 17-44 ISSN 0018-2141.(text in spanish). Needless to say that historical manuscripts of this kind dealing with conquest and colonization of the Pacific Micronesia or Melanesia islands are nowadays of the utmost rarity.

The manuscript includes three rare printed maps of the Marianas islands added by the previous owner.The maps come from the extremely rare work printed in Manila: "Historia de las Islas Filipinas by Fray Juan de la Concepcion,Manila 1785.These are the first printed maps of the Marianas islands in detail.The three maps are: Saipan and Tinian(19x 30 cms) ;isla de Guaxan( 20 x 31 cms) and general map of Palaos and Carolinas printed by Cruz Bagay 38 x 27 cms).
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