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Title: [Two antique maps of] Amboina / Banda - Poelepetacke.
Author: Pontanus, J.A.
PlaceAndYear: Amsterdam, 1611.
Description: From J.A.Pontanus' 'Rerum et urbis Amstelodamensium historia'. Description of the second voyage of the Dutch to the East Indies under command of Jacob Cornelisz van Neck. Two early maps on one sheet of Amboine and Banda on one sheet

Following the success of the first Dutch expedition to Indonesia in 1597, Van Neck was chosen to lead a second expedition in 1598, with the purpose of bringing back various spices. In May 1598, he left the port of Texel with eight vessels under his command.[1] He was accompanied by Vice-Admiral Wybrand van Warwyck and noted polar explorer Jacob van Heemskerck.[1] Following sailing directions written by Petrus Plancius, they made excellent progress, reaching the Cape of Good Hope in only three months.[1]

Soon after this, heavy storms separated Van Neck, with three ships, from the rest of the fleet under Warwyck.[1] Neck landed on the east coast of Madagascar and refreshed his supplies, then continued on towards the Indonesian city of Bantam.[2] He reached it on November 25, 1598, after less than seven months of sailing.[2] Within one month, all three of his ships had been filled with spice, and on December 31 the other half of the fleet sailed into port at Bantam, prompting a huge New Years celebration.[3] Van Neck filled one more ship full of spices, making four ready to be sailed back to Amsterdam, then sent Warwyck and Heemskerck with the other four ships to the east in order to procure more spices.[3] Van Neck then took the four ships that had been loaded with spices back to Amsterdam, where he arrived July, 1599.[4]

He brought back with him nearly one million pounds of pepper and cloves, in addition to half a ship full of nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon
Dimensions: 83 x 120 mm
Colouring: uncoloured
Condition: excellent
  • Number: 1011669 (6939)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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