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Description: LANGENES, B.
Title: Sumatra.
Published in: Amsterdam / Frankfurt, 1609

Size: 3.3 x 4.9 inches.
8.5 x 12.4 cm.

Condition: Some marginal paper thinness
Condition Rating

A miniature map of Sumatra containing detailed geography and nomenclature around the entire island. The neighboring coast of the Malay Peninsula is shown, including Singapore and the various islands directly south of it. East is at the top. Title cartouche on the lower right corner.
First published in 1598 in his Caert-Thresoor, the plates were executed by the most famous engravers in Amsterdam, including Petrus Kaerius and Jodocus Hondius I.
The atlas set a new standard for minor atlases. The small maps is extremely well engraved.
The map reflect the level of cartography in Amsterdam at the turn of the century, where up to date information on newly discovered regions was readily available. -- Koeman.
Reference: Koeman, Altantes Neerlandici, Volume II, Lan 9.
  • Number: 1630294
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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