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Title: [Antique map of Arabia, the Near East] Alexandri Magni Macedonis Expeditio.
Author: Ortelius, A.
PlaceAndYear: Antwerp, Robert Bruneau, 1609.
Description: Abraham Ortelius(1527-98), Dutch cartographer and publisher of the first modern atlas, ' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum' in 1570. Editions till 1612. Also an atlas of ancient cartography, the ' Parergon' and a pocket atlas, the ' Epitome'.

A map of the Eastern Meditteranean, the Middle East and Persia with an inset: " Iovis Ammonis Oraculum" -the oracle in Lybia, Alexander the Great visited to ask what would be the result of his expedition and where he almost perished in the desert.From the rare Spanish edition of Abraham Ortelius’ ‘Theatrum Orbis Terrarum’, published by Vrientius. Ref.: v.d.Broecke, Ortelius, map 222.
Dimensions: 362 x 462 mm
Reference: v.d.Broecke, Ortelius, map 222.
Colouring: attractive later colouring
Condition: very good
  • Number: 1012676 (4623)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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