1 Antique chart of the Algarve, the Strait of Gibraltar, Andalus


Author: van Keulen
Description: [Antique sea chart of the Algarve, the Strait of Gibraltar and Andalusia] Costes Maritimes d'Algarve & d'Andaluzia, Du Cap de Vincent
Author: Keulen, J. van.
PlaceAndYear: Amsterdam, 1683.
Description: The famous van Keulen publishers of nautical atlases existed over more than 200 years. Founded by Johannes van Keulen (1654 -1715) it reached its zenith under his son Gerard (1678-1727), who became the hydrographer of the Dutch East India Company. Nautical atlas the 'Zee-atlas' (1st ed. 1680) and the pilot guide the 'Zee-Fakkel' ( Sea-Torch); the edition of 1710 contains over 180 charts.
Description of the coasts of the Algarve, the Strait of Gibraltar and Andalusia With many coastal profiles of Andalusia an the opposite coast of Morocco and a small chart within the text of Tanger. From Johannes van Keulen's pilot-guide ' Nouveau & Grand Illuminant Flambeau de la Mer '.
Dimensions: Folio, 6 p., uncoloured, very good condition;
  • Number: 1010002
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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