16] 2 Antique maps,Bosnia, Croatia, Servia,Hungary,Bulgaria 135


Title: 2 Antique maps,Croatia,Bosnia,Servia,Hungary,Bulgaria,Danube, Homann Heirs
Author: Homann Heirs
PlaceAndYear: Nuremberg, ca. 1740
Description: Title:
1) 'Regni Serviae pars una cum finitimis Valachiae,& Bulgariae ....'etc.
2) Regnum Bosniae una cum finitimis Croatiae, Dalmatiae, Hung. et Servia ....etc'

Description: A set of 2 antique maps showing Dalmatia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia,Walachia, partly Bulgarien and 25 inset maps of: Belgrad, Nicopol, Chatchek, Sabatz, Zwornek, Widden, Orsava, Wihaz, Seraglio etc., published by Homann Heirs,Nuremberg, ca. 1740. Joined the maps show the complete area and Danube in one large map!
Dimensions: Wide margins. Image size of each map is 22,5 x 20 1/4 inch ( 57 X 51,5 cm)
Colouring: Old hand colouring
Condition: Very Good
Technique: Copper engraving
  • Number: 1350670
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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