26 Denmark/ Jutland. WAGHENAER, L. J. 214


Description: From the First Printed Sea Atlas
Denmark/ Jutland.
[Amsterdam, 1590]
Description de lextreme coste de Jutlande, tant du coste de la Belt comme de la Mer Septentrionale, doiz Aelburger-dipe iusques á Ryncopen.

13 ½ x 20 inches. Fine hand color; excellent condition, strong impression.

Richly engraved chart of the northernmost part of Denmark, including the cities of Alborg and Skagen, and the island of Laeso. The chart includes attractively presented coastal views, strapwork-style cartouches, two magnificent compass roses, four ships and two sea monsters.
Waghenaer’s charts combined reliable maritime information based on first hand experience with advanced, theoretical knowledge of navigation, all within a framework of opulent Dutch engraving by Johan van Doetichum. Waghenaer spent the first few decades of his career as a maritime pilot. Dutch commercial vessels during the period of his service confined their activities primarily to the Baltic and northern European areas to avoid conflict with the Spanish, who held the Netherlands under her sway at the time. These are the areas most thoroughly covered by Waghenaer’s atlas, although some charts do extend as far south as Spain.
The commercial success of Waghenaer’s atlas was proof of its quality and value to mariners of many nations. It was published in five languages and many editions for over a 20-year span. The first edition of first part of the atlas was issued in 1584; this chart is from the first French edition of 1590.

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