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Description: Braun & Hogenberg: Danorum Marca, uel Cimbricum. aut Daniae Regnum...

Date: 1585 (1588)
Condition: AA
Colour: BW
Size (cm): 38.4 x 46.0


Title: Danorum Marca, uel Cimbricum. aut Daniae Regnum... Engraved in Cologne in 1585.

The map appeared in Vol IV of Braun & Hogenberg's "Civitates orbis terrarumin 1588. Publication: Vol IV of Braun & Hogenberg's "Civitates orbis terrarumin 1588

Description: The oldest preserved map of Denmark of Danish origin. Drawn by Marcus Jordan at the request of Duke Heinrich Rantzau, viceroy of Schleswig-Holstein. It is a new perception of Denmark founded on Jordan's own measurements and observations. It became an important source for the great contemporary Dutch cartographers (Ortelius and Mercator). The small cartouche in upper right corner has a dedication to Rantzau. Rantzen was an important contributor of plans for the 'Civitates': perhaps Braun & Hogenberg included this map in order not to offend him! In the lower right corner is found a large cartouche with a Latin description of Denmark. Above this cartouche is Rantzau himself, as Mars the god of war, with his foot on the imprisoned "Skipper Clemens" a famous Danish rebel farmer. The figure of Pallas Athene symbolizes the Duke's well known humanistic interests. He was a friend of the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, and received Brahe when he had to leave Denmark by the end of the 16th century. Jordan's map is the only real map in Braun & Hogenberg's famous work "Civitates orbis terrarum", which has numerous views of the most important towns in Europe. The map appeared in Vol IV in 1588. On the verso a detailed latin description of the various provinces of Dania.

Condition: The map has been de-acidified. Slight damage to the centerfold has been expertly repaired.
Technique: Price in Pound Sterling 1500.- In case of difference between prices in Sterling and Euro the Sterling price prevails
  • Number: 1110033 (201)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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