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Description: How to calculate the local time

PUTEUS, Augustinus A.
Gnomonices biformis, geometriae, scilicet, & arithmeticae synopsis, in quatuor partes divisa. Quarum qualibet est completus gnomonicae tractatus, ad usum totius orbis terrarum; ut plenius conversa pagina, singularum partium indicat epilogismus. Opusculum matheseos candidatis perutile; quippe in quo iucundissima praxi, ea maxime ex parte degustare valent, quae summis ingenij laboribus, ac studio, ex Elementis Euclidis, ex Sphaericis Theodisij, & ex Conicis Apollonij exantlarunt.

e, Antonius Bosius, 1679. 4 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Contemporary vellum on wooden boards, spine ribbed, sides richly blind-stamped in panel design with the Jesuit device in centre on both sides, with 2 brass clasps, red painted edges. With richly engraved allegorical frontispiece, woodcut printer's device on 4 titles, 73 engraved perspectival illustrations and figures in text, large folding plate and 183 full-page plates with tables and diagrams, and folding engraved plate and 2 full-page plates of the globe's declinations. (24), 136; (8), 88; (8), 12; 56 pp.

Rare first edition of an extensive text book on the projection of light from all parts of the universe for use of perspectival designing of sun-dials and the calculation of time at all places on earth. On the author, Augustinus a Puteus, Latin for Agostino Pozzo, nothing could be found. He probably was a relative of Andrea Pozzo, the famous author of Prospettiva de' Pittori e Architetti, and also a Jesuit. The present work is divided into four parts and is based on the geometrical and astronomical teachings of Euclid, Theodosius and the teaching of Apollonius on cones. The fine engraved frontispiece illustrates the drawing in perspective and the shadows thrown on a pedestal on which a sphaerical globe is standing. The book is most richly illustrated with perspectival projections and includes the full tables and perspectival diagrams of all declinations of the earth.

Fine copy.- (Most part of one brass clasp los; few wormholes in top of spine).
Honeyman Coll. 2530; Riccardi I, 2, pp. 316-7; Sotheran I, 3743; STC Italian, 17th century, p. 704 (ed. of 1693).
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