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Description: VAN KEULEN, G.
Title: Nieuw Wassende Graaden Paskaart Vertoonende alle de bekende Zeekusten en Landen op den geheelen Aard Boodem of Werelt door Gerard van Keulen. . .
Published in: Amsterdam, 1728

Size: 22.8 x 39.0 inches.
58.0 x 99.0 cm.

Condition: Printed on silk for portability. Verso reinforced on several places due to fragility of silk and backed with very thin Japan paper for protective reason. Very dark impression. Very good condition throughout in view of the fact that the map is printed on silk.
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A very scarce and beautiful chart in Mercator's projection printed on silk. The map is printed on silk. With the name of Gerard van Keulen and the priviledge. The map shows great interior detail, including a well-formed depiction of the Great Lakes and Mississippi River. Fort de Creveceur is shown near the Illibois River. The east coast of Siberia has been drawn after Nicolas Witsen's 1687 map of Tartary. A Great Companies Land has been added off the northwest coast of America. California is an island.

The map is beautifully decorated in the upper left is a title cartouche, personifications of the continents, and native flora and fauna. At lower left is a secondary cartouche set in the middle of an ocean with sea nymphs and the figure of Poseidon. ¤
Reference: Koeman, Atlantes Neerlandici, IV,p.382.
Technique: Price in US$ 25,000 In case of difference between prices in US$ and Euro the US$ price prevails.
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  • Dealer: Paulus Swaen Indian Rocks USA

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