2 ROBINSON, F. The Projection of the Sphere./ Virtual Fair 106


Description: Manuscript on spherical projection with attractive calligraphy and numerous diagrams

ROBINSON, Frederick.

(Great Britain?, 1797-1798). Manuscript 23.5 x 19 cm. Contemporary vellum, blind-stamped double fillets along edges. With 1 folding leaf with 13 diagrams, including 3 three-dimensional ones, numerous diagrams in text, some full-page, some with different colours of ink. (2), 179, (1) pp.

Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated manuscript on trigonometry with calligraphic headings. The author opens with general definitions of different types of projections (pp. 1-4), and proceeds with discussing three types, orthographic (pp. 5-23), stereographic (pp. 24-73), and gnomonical (pp. 74-179). Each section starts with propositions followed by several trigonometrical problems. There are numerous accurately and finely drawn diagrams to illustrate the text. They are mostly small, but some are full-page. In some diagrams the author used coloured inks to highlight particular sections and/or lines. Three diagrams on the folding leaf have pasted parts that can be unfolded to create three-dimensional figures. The handwriting is clear and the manuscript's attraction is heightened by the calligraphy of the headings that have been written in different alphabets, see for instance the heading Spherical Trigonometry on p. 74, written with roman capitals, a fraktura and embellished with a bird. Some headings are written in black ink whereas brown ink has been used throughout in the text.
The note on the inside front cover reads "Frederic Robinson, December 19th 1797." This information is repeated on p. 1, "Dec. 19 1797 FR.P., and the completion date is written at the end of the text on p. 179 "Oct.r 12th 1798," likewise repeated on the reverse. We were unable to find any information on Robinson. A pencil note on the inside of the back cover states that he was an English professor for mathematics, who lived from 1746 till 1825.

Good copy of this manuscript textbook on trigonometry with attractive calligraphy and diagrams.- (Folding leaf torn along fold, hardly affecting illustration; p. 4 minor hole very slightly affecting text).
The Projection of the Sphere.
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