15 CETTO, M. Title: Excelsiori (Rana N. 28 - Cent. 20) 163


Description: CETTO, M.
Title: Excelsiori (Rana N. 28 - Cent. 20).
Published in: Bologna, 1905

Size: 30.9 x 22.5 inches.
78.4 x 57.2 cm.

In original lithographed colours.
Condition: With original folds. Text on verso. Original chromo lithography, paper thinning on old folds. Geberally in good condition.
Condition Rating

"After so many wars and so many troubles, young Russia, in a more serene glaze all the beautiful sun of freedom you will enjoy ... ".
Fascinating allegorical satirical representation of the Russian revolution of 1905 which broke out following the defeat of the Russo-Japanese war.
The revolt, which soon expanded into the whole country, arose from the repression by the army of a peaceful demonstration of workers of St. Petersburg that they were take to the Winter Palace to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II.
The eagle of civilization brings young Russia to the whose shoulders shines the sun of freedom, while the revolution rages against militaries, autocracy, the holy Synod and Tsarism
  • Number: 1011294
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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