15 MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J. /Europa, ad magnae Europae 163


Description: MERCATOR, G. / HONDIUS, J.
Title: Europa, ad magnae Europae Gerardi Mercatoris. . .
Published in: Amsterdam, 1628

Size: 15.0 x 18.5 inches.
38.2 x 47.0 cm.

In very attractive original colours.
Condition: The centerfold has been under laid, with a repair of split in the lower part of the centerfold, 2cm. into engraved area. Repair of a 8mm diameter hole in the upper part of the centerfold.
Otherwise in very good condition and very attractive original colouring.
Condition Rating

General map of Europe with in the left hand corner, south east of Iceland the mythical island of Frisland, which was purportedly discovered by the Zeno brothers in a 14th century voyage into the North Atlantic.
Including as well as Americae Pars, Greenland, Iceland, a Polar landmass, along with the mythical islands of Frisland, Drogeo, and Bradain.
A large strapwork title cartouche completes the sheet. French text on verso.

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Reference: Van der Krogt 1000:1A. Karrow, 56/38.1.
  • Number: 1012727
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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