14 Manuscript book on heraldica in Dutch 187


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Manuscript book on heraldica in Dutch, meant as a handbook on heraldica. Containing 290 handcoloured coats-of-arms based on printed blank coats-of-arms.
Netherlands, late 17th century. 8o. Modern full vellum, in made to measure cassette. Good condition. Exlibris Daniel de Bruin. 19+ 290 pag. A couple pages professionally strengthened. This intriguing anonymous manuscript contains 290 prints of blank coats-of-arms, which are hand coloured and decorated with the appropriate heraldic figures. The families seem to be mainly of French origin. This manuscript was sold at auction in 1899 by Beijers from the collection of Royaards van den Ham, second part, nr. 3016 (then unbound but with register). What makes this manuscript exraordinary is the fact that at the time it was made (late 17th century), the only Dutch heraldic work was that by Thomas de Rouck, which was also based on the French heraldic ideas. It seems that this book originates from the same time and was never printed or maybe even not intended for printing. The drawings of the coats-of-arms are detailed and well executed. It starts with a 19 page description of the formal crowns and crests and is followed by 290 single page heraldic descriptions. The manuscript should be regarded as a handbook. H145
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