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Description: Very rich and beautiful album amicorum

Album amicorum, of Anna Frieswijk from The Hague. Manuscript on paper. In Dutch and French.

The Hague, Cleve, Groningen, 1850-1870. Oblong small folio. Contemporary purple morocco, spine gilt and titled: "Album", with gilt borders on sides and richly gilt ornamental oval cartouche with the gilt-stamped legend "Anna" in centre, g.e., in matching slipcase. With 39 mostly full-page artistic contributions, including a cut and mounted engraving richly coloured by hand, signed E.F., a large colour-printed card with flowers in relief, produced by Dobbs and contributed by L.A. Vegelin van Claerbergen, 2 very delicately papercut black silhouettes of a farmhouse and of deer in the woods, one stated to have been brought from Düsseldorf in Germany by Anna's mother, 3 beautiful coloured velvety Chinese watercolours of yellow birds, red berries, and of a vase of flowers, one stated to have been brought from Hong Kong by Mrs. Johnson Medemback Wacker in 1852, one large bird in a bright watercolour tree completely covered with real feathers in bright colours, but mostly consisting of professionally executed manuscript drawings, in pencil or washed pen drawings in various coloured inks, and beautiful bright watercolours, showing montaneous landscapes, river views, ships at sea, bunches of flowers, animals, a fruitseller with a little girl, an old man with a dog, a little girl knocking at a castle-door, a water-girl, etc., signed by J. and G. Mock, Henriette Jochens, H. Verster, A.J. Duuring van Overzee, G.J. van Hoorn, Wagner, F.F. Tobias, etc., several also signed with initials only, and several signed by Anna's family, like her mother Constance Frieswijk ten Cate, her sisters Mary and Caroline, and her brothers Willem and Bernard Frieswijk, all contributions dated between 1850 and 1861. (46) lvs., and many extra lvs. with contributions mounted or inserted.

Very rich and beautiful album amicorum, almost entirely filled with artistic contributions of high quality. Only 2 leaves with contributions in poetry are present, including a poem in French by Sophie Noorduin, dated 1860, and at the beginning 2 leaves are filled with numerous autographs of people Anna Frieswijk presented her album to, including the contributors mentioned already, but also with many autographs of people who did not further contribute.
These autographs are dated at The Hague, Cleve, Groningen, several at Zwolle, etc., all between 1850 and 1870, and include names like W.J.G. and Jacqueline Scheurleer, Cornélie Kappeijne van de Copello, De Jonge van Ellemeet, several ladies Metelerkamp, born Voet, etc., W.C. Wynaendts, V.H.F. de Rosa, W. van Hoogstraten, Samuel van Hoogstraten, W.J.M. van de Kasteele-Schlingemanns, H.W.C. van Riemsdijk van Gemert, several ladies Vegelin van Claerbergen, Marie Bentinck, Zwolle, E.J. Gratama de Jonge, Groningen, some ladies Begeren van Voshol, Zwolle, W. Vosmaer, born Radermacher de 's Gravenpolder, Sandenbergh Matthiessen, several ladies and gentlemen Mock, Eugénie de Sonnaville, E. Bonn, Mrs. Eerton van Nes de Meerkerk, C.G.A. Drijfhout van Hooff, several ladies and gentlemen Tobias, W. de Bas, Wilhelmina and Christine Meder, Baron van Dedem, colonel commandant of the 2nd Hussars, etc.

The owner of all these honours, Anna Frieswijk was born at The Hague in 1828 as the second daughter of the Director of the State Lottery, and her mother was born Ten Cate. Her older sister married Samuel van Hoogstraten, a member of the "Gedeputeerde Staten van Zuid-Holland", and her younger sister Louisa married in a second marriage Willem Baron van Dedem. Anna Frieswijk never married herself, although judging from the album she often "went out", also outside The Hague. She probably made a trip along the Rhine, as drawings of views along the Rhine and contributions dated at Cleve are present, and she also went to visit up North and to the Eastern Netherlands, as autographs are dated at Groningen, Zwolle, etc. In 1870 when 42 years of age and considered probably past a marriagable age Anna Frieswijk definitely closed her album. She died at a ripe old age in 1910.

Fine copy of a beautiful example of a young lady's fashionable "Album Amicorum".
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