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Title: [Antique map of European Russia.] Uffensis Provincia cum adiacentibus Regionibus.
Author: Isle, G. de l'.
PlaceAndYear: St. Petersburg, 1745.
Description: The Russian Academy of Sciences was created in 1724 in St Petersburg. Joseph Nicolas de l' Isle was invited to head the department of geography. The making of the first atlas of the complete territory of the Russian Empire was a huge and complex enterprise. New bearings in trigonometry had to be taken all over the country. Existing cartographic material had to be obtained and analyzed. Among the Russian scientists that worked on the atlas was Kirilow, the man who published the first map of Russia in 1734. The best known expedition that yielded cartographic material was the great Northern Expedition (1735-1743) . Gmelin, Muller, Krshnininnikow, Krasilnikow and Steller were among its participants. In September 1745 Guillaume de l"isle's atlas of the Russian Empire 'Delilius Atlantem mappararum geographicarum Imperii Rossici produxit', the outstanding first atlas of Russia produced in Russia and based on Russian cartographical material, was published in St Petersburg with Russian, Latin and German text. Send out to various governments.., the atlas met with great praise everywhere" (Bagrow). A map of the area arond Ufa and Orenburg. Map13 of the 13 maps of European Russia from Guillaume de l"isle's atlas of the Russian Empire. Ref.: Leo Bagrow, Russian Cartography, part II, pp190-200.
Dimensions: 485 x 555 mm
Reference: Leo Bagrow, Russian Cartography, part II, pp190-200.
Colouring: original colouring
Condition: except for a small restored tear in the lower center fold in very good condition.
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