The Jockey Club or a Sketch of the Manners of the Age.


Title: The Jockey Club or a Sketch of the Manners of the Age.
Author: Charles Pigott.
PlaceAndYear: London, H.D. Symonds, 1792 Fourth Edition
Description: Published anomously but Charles Pigott
Charles Pigott was an "ardent champion of the French Revolution." This was the first of his "two scurrilous pamphlets on London society, with which he seems to have been well acquainted." The other was THE FEMALE JOCKEY CLUB, 1794. "To hold the mirror up to Nature, to shew Vice its own image, is the design of this publication; it will be styled severe, but there are cases, where severity is justice, and it is much to be feared that the persons in question are too incorrigible to be chastened by any lecture either of gentle or harsh reproof - Preface. The skewerees include the Prince of Wales, Hon. Thomas Erskine, The Dukes of York & Norfolk, Lord Cavendish, Lord Kelvyn, Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, assorted British princesses, the Duke of Marlborough, the Marquis de Lafayette, Hon. Edmund Burke, etc., etc. [ Shipton & Mooney 26001; Kress 15355; see Sabin note between 36141, 16142].
Dimensions: Three volumes; I: xiii, 194 p., II; xxviii,186 p.,III: xv, 233 p. Leather bound, gold stamped, back slight damaged. In all a fine copy.
  • Number: 1013943
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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