14 Patent of nobility / MOISE, VON MURVELL, FRANZ II 187


Patent of nobility donated by Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I (1830-1916) to Jozef Moise (Gratz 1818-?), oberst-lieutenant in the 16th Infantry Regiment, owner of the Militär-Verdienstkreuz mit der Kriegsdekoration which entitles Moise to call himself Edle von Murvell.

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Austrian Empire, Vienna, d.d. 20 November 1867. Full purple velvet, decorated with the gilt coat-of-arms of the Emperor on the front cover, 38x28 cm. 7 pages. Handwritten, caligraphic text on vellum and gold embossed, lavishly decorated printed margins. With a hand painted coat-of-arms in colour and the original signature of Franz Joseph I. The imperial wax seal is attached by the gold binding rope in a disc shaped copper case. Seal in mint condition. Charter and wax seal are encased in a large flat contemporary metal box. All in excellent condition. The patent explains that Moise started his military career in 1836 with the 27th Infantry Regiment. He became unter-lieutenant in the 4th Grenz-Infanterie-Regimente in 1843, he became ober-lieutenant in 1848 and was transferred to the 22nd Infantry-Regiment. In 1849 he was appointed hauptmann and in 1859 to Major with the 16th Infantry Regiment and in 1865 he finally became oberst-lieutenant. In 1848 he was active at the Commando of the Operations Corps at Pfonzo, later at the 3rd Army Corps Commando as adjudant. He participated in the move of the Corps from Roveredo to Verona. He proved his worth when he lead the attack against the height of Val Fredda and in battles around Rivoli. For these activities and his service for the headquarters of the Reserve-Corps in Hungary, he recieved the Militär-Verdienstkreuz mit der Kriegsdekoration. He furthermore served as General-Commando-Adjudant in Graz, as Gouvernements-Adjudant in Triest and finally as part of the ministry of war where he was active in the war year of 1866 in which year the Austrian-Prussian war (Seven Weeks war) took place. H164
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€ 3.180,00 Incl. BTW
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