14 Patent of nobility / KRETZER, VON IMMERTREU, FERDINAND I 187


Patent of nobility donated by Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria (1793-1875) to Joseph Kretzer von Immertreu for his 37 years galant services to the Empire as soldier and officer.
Austrian Empire, Vienna, d.d. 17 July 1836. Folio. Full red velvet, with yellow and black ribbons. Good condition, except for a stain on the silk end paper. 38x30 cm. 10 pages. Manuscript, calligraphic text on vellum, with printed decorative margins. With a very large hand painted coloured coat-of-arms. In the end the original signature of Ferdinand I and of Anton Friedrich Grafen Mittrowsky von Mittrowitz and Nemischl. Imperial wax seal with one large crack, in a disc shaped copper case, attached to the document by the gold cord of the binding. All encased in a metal box. This patent of nobility was donated by Ferdinand I of Austria in the early days of his reign (1835-1848). Ferdinand I is widely believed to have been a weak ruler and it is sometimes supposed that he lacked intellectual capacities. He also suffered from ill health. During the revolution of 1848, Ferdinand fled the country and abdicated in favour of his nephew Franz Joseph I. The patent explains at length the reasons why Kretzer recieved his nobility. He was born in Jägerndorf and joined the army in 1796. He became Fahnrich and subsequently Unterlieutenant in 1809, Oberlieutenantin 1813, Kapitänlieutenant in 1829 und Hauptman in 1831. He left the army in 1833 as a pensioner. He took part in the campaigns in 1799, 1805, 1809, 1813 and 1814 (Napolenonic Wars). Between 1803-1805 he was first teacher at the Regiments-Knaben-Erziehungshause (military school) and in 1809, 1813 and 1814 he was Regiments Adjudant. He recieves the noble title and the right to call himself Kretzer von Immertreu which translates as always loyal. His son also served in the military and became General-Major. H176
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