16 Antique portrait of Ludovicus Boisotus, Louis Boisot 135


Title: Antique print, Portrait of Ludovicus Boisotus, Louis Boisot, C. Visscher
Author: Visscher, Cornelis
PlaceAndYear: Haarlem,1649
Description: Antique half length portrait of Louis Boisot, engraved by Cornelis Visscher (1629 -1658), printed in Haarlem in 1649. Louis Boisot was commander of the Sea Beggar Fleet during the siege of Leiden. This portrait is number 4 (IIII) of a series of 4 portraits engraved by Cornelis Visscher (1628 - 1658), who collaborated with the publisher Pieter Soutman in a series of four portraits commemorating key figures in the siege story.
Condition: Very Good
Technique: Copper engraving
  • Number: 1351223
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum

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