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Description: Landscape with the Groom Reference: Hollstein 7 ( III / III ) Third state with the address of Joan Huysens replaced by the address of Frans Vanden Wyngaerde (1614-1679) Landscape with a horseman and other figures on a road in the lower right corner, another horseman on a bridge over a river to the left, trees to the right, a town and trees in the background; added cross-hatching in the foreground Shown is a landscape situated in Flanders. An etching done By Neyts and published by Vanden Wyngaerde This is one of only 30 etchings done by Neyts as recorded in Hollstein.

Picture Size 13 cm x 17,80 cm
Specification Print
technic Etching
Artist Gilles Neyts
period 17th century
School Flemish
subject Landscape
rating ****
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