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Description: [BORSSELEN, Philibert van].
Strande, oft ghedichte van de schelpen, kinckhornen, ende andere wonderlicke zee-schepselen, tot lof van den schepper aller dinghen. Aen Cornelis van Blyenburch, weerd van alle fraeyheden, ende besonder liefhebber deser vremdicheden: midsgaders aen allen mede-schelpisten. Door P.V.B.

on of this very rare poem on shells and their moral properties anonymously published by Philibert van Borsselen (ca. 1575-1627), a descendant of a bastard of the well-known Zeeland family Van Borsselen. After his law study at Leiden University he became a magistrate of Tholen in Zeeland, where he was also burgermaster for several years. He was also a member of the States of Zeeland and in 1625 becam steward of the area east of the Scheldt at Zierikzee.
His brother-in-law, Cornelis Van Blyenburgh (1545-1618), Lord of Dortsmonde, Ketel, etc. was in the possession of a very important collection of shells and other sea-creatures. Van Borsselen's poem on this collection - or 'Wunderkammer' - is certainly more than a dull and dry enumeration and description of the shells contained in the collection. The poem blooms into an animated and inspired description of the sea and all its treasures as a tribute to its creator. The influence of Du Bartas is apparent in this and other poems by Van Borsselen, one of the best and most attractive of the poets round the famous "Zeeuwse Nachtegael". The factual descriptions of the shells are based on Pliny, Oppian, Aelian and numerous other classical authors as well as on Van Linschoten's Reysbouck. Every description of a shell or other sea creature then gives him the opportunity to elaborate on its moral and emblematic implications, showing that the creator has put a hidden meaning in all creations establishing wise lessons for all human beings.
The poem was probably written before 1600 and first published in 1611 by Paschier van Wesbusch in Haarlem.
Both editions are of the utmost rarity. The present second edition was the basis for the edition in Muller (1937), printed on p. 13-68. In 1836 the poem was published in Antwerp after a manuscript from 1628 (virtually the text of the 1614 edition) pretending that the poem was never published before.

Very good and beautifully bound copy of this very rare and interesting poem.
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