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Description: Dietrich, David Nathaniel Friedrich
Forstflora oder Abbildung und Beschreibung der für den Forstmann wichtigen Bäume und Sträucher, welche in Deutschland wild wachsen, so wie der ausländischen, daselbst im Freien ausdauernden.
Jena, August Schmid, 1838-1840, 2. edition, 2 volumes, 1, pp. [x], ca. 128 irregularly paged, 130 (128 + 2x bis) plates; 2, pp. [viii, i, Nachtrag], unpaged, 157 plates; 4to (205 x 262 mm), carefully bound in recent boards with original covers of fascicle 25 and 26; the remaining covers bound with. Text-leaves slightly foxed and sometimes more heavy and browned. About 3 plates foxed/browned, the others exceptional clean and fresh. Very well preserved set.

Volume 1 deals with trees and shrubs, including roses and fruit; volume 2 deals with herbs, grasses and cryptogams. Nissen and Stafleu & Cowan mentioning 128 plates for the first volume instead of 130, neglecting the 2 bis-plates: Hippophae rhamnoides and Erica herbacea. Stafleu & Cowan calls also erroneously for 132 instead of 157 plates for the second volume; the numbering of these plates is rather confusing because often 2 or 3 figures are depicted on 1 plate and sometimes the described plants are not figured. In volume 2 the plate of Boletus edulis is present twice. So the total of the finely hand-coloured engraved plates is 287 + 1 duplo. Although this beautiful work went through 6 editions from 1828-1887 it is rather scarce (the first edition with 92 colour-plates not seen by Stafleu & Cowan).
* Pritzel 2256; Nissen BBI 487; Stafleu & Cowan 30.651.
  • Number: 1800014 (24309.Dietri)
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum