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Title: GARIDEL, P.J.
Title: Histoire des Plantes qui naissent aux environs d'Aix et dans plusieurs autres endroits de la Provence.
Published in: Aix, J. David, 1715
Description: One of the most attractive early French local floras, with delightful engraved plates. The work describes the flora of the Provence, especially the plants growing near Aix. "Pierre Garidel (1659-1737) né à Manosque, médicin qui devint Professeur à Aix-en-Provence, publia, en 1715: 'Histoire des Plantes ...', 100 pl. (1.400 plantes), dont la préface est interessante pour l'Histoire de la Botanique dans cette région. Plusieurs végétaux y sont décrits pour la première fois" (Davy de Virville, Histoire de la Bot. en France p. 49-50).
'Pierre Joseph Garidel (1659-1737) is considered one of the fathers of Provençal botany, even through his research only covered the western portion of the province...
His 'Histoire des plantes...' was one of the earliest of French floras, a magnificent volume full of contemporary medical information. Garidel, who had botanized in the Midi with Tournefort, was honored by him with the genus 'Garidella' in the Ranunculaceae, the name was preserved by Linnaeus' (R.L. Williams, Botanophilia in 18th century France p. 119).
Dimensions: Size: 14.6 x 9.8 inches. 37.0 x 25.0 cm.
Condition: Folio. With engraved frontispiece and 100 full-page engraved plates. Contemporary mottled calf, richly gilt decorated spine in 7 compartments. A very clean copy in an attractive binding.
Reference: Reference: Nissen BBI, 685. Stafleu & Cowan.
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