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Description: Large Platinum Print Photos of Petra
[Historically Important Collection of Thirteen Large Platinum Print Photographs of some of the Main Sites at Petra, Jordan].

Ca. 1900. Thirteen large studio platinum print photographs, each ca. 24x 29.5cm (9.5x11.5 in), many captioned "American Colony, Jerusalem" in negative, some numbered and with title captions in negative, the rest with manuscript title captions in French in brown ink. Overall a very good collection of interesting strong sharp photos.

Rare historically important collection of large views of the rock-cut archeological remains at Petra, Jordan, showing the archeological sites before restoration. The interesting strong images include: Siq (narrow passage)(4) (including one of the entrance with a Bedouin on a horse and one of the exit with a Bedouin on foot and the El Khazneh seen in the background); El Khazneh (Treasury); The Theatre (with Bedouin tents); High Place for Sacrificing (3) including detail views and one photo with a sitting Bedouin; Tombs (4), including the Urn Tomb, an interior view and the tombs on the path to the High Place of Sacrifice. Petra (Raqmu), was likely established in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom. The Nabataeans were a nomadic tribe of Arab traders who utilized Petra proximity to major trading routes to establish it as a major regional trading centre. Today it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. "The American Colony was established in Jerusalem in 1881 as a Christian utopian society engaged in philanthropic work under the leadership of Anna and Horatio Spafford, in what is now East Jerusalem. The sale of photographs was one method of augmenting their funds"(Bonhams).

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