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Description: Detailed illustrated account of archaeological discoveries in and around Pozzuolo, including the rare folding map

MAZZELLA, Scipione.cipione.
Sito, et antichita della citta di Pozzuolo, e del suo amenissimo distretto, con la descrittione di tutti i luoghi notabili, e degni di memoria, e di Cuma, e di Baia, e di Miseno, e degli altri luoghi conuicini. ... Postovi medesimamente tutti i Bagni, e loro proprietà di Pozzuolo, e di Baia; dell'Isola d'Ischia, et in questa ultima edittione aggiuntovi un ricco apparato delle statue ritrovate in Cuma, à gennaro dell anno 1606.
Including: Opusculum de balneis puteolorum. ... Secunda [= terza] editio.
and: Apparato della statue, nuovamente trovate nella distrutta Cuma, ...

Naples, Tarquinio Longo for Giorgio Varisco (part 1) and Bartholomeo Carampello (part 2), 1606. 2 parts in 1 volume. Small 8vo (15 x 10 cm). 17th-century limp sheepskin parchment, sewn on 2 leather thongs laced through the joints, title in ink on spine. With 3 title-pages, each with Longo's woodcut mermaid device, a large folding woodcut map with letterpress title and text (the woodcut itself 17 x 24.5 cm) showing Puozzolo and the surrounding area (omitted in some copies), 15 woodcut illustrations (plus 4 repeats) in text, namely 13 of archaeological sites, buildings, etc., a roundel portrait of the Pope and a nearly full-page madonna and child, woodcut tailpieces and decorated initials. [16], 284, [4], 103, [1 blank] pp.

Third edition, with extensive additions, of a detailed Italian account of archaeological discoveries in and around the city of Pozzuolo in central Italy, between Rome and Florence, with a large folding map and numerous woodcut illustrations of the archaeological sites, buildings, objects excavated, etc., and transcriptions of inscriptions, by the Naples historian Scipione Mazzella, famous for his Descrizione dello Regno di Napoli (1586). EDIT 16 does not note the map in earlier editions and it seems likely to have been omitted in many copies of the present edition. Following part 1 as a sort of appendix (pp. 217-284 with its own divisional title-page on O5) is the third edition of the same author's Latin Opusculum de balneis Puteolorum, copying the edition statement of the 1593 second edition. Part 2, the Apparato delle statue, newly added for the present edition, is devoted to important statues found at Cuma, including many of gods and of Roman emperors, and two medals, one of Tiberio and the other of Caligula. It has its own series of page numbers and quire signatures, so it was probably published separately as well, but it is noted on the general title-page. Orazio Salviani published the first edition, also at Napoli, in 1591, already including the Opusculum, but with only 11 woodcut illustrations (and several repeats). EDIT 16 records what appear to be four issues of the second edition (1593-1596). Its illustrations were made from a new set of blocks, most loosely copied from the first edition (a few depart quite far from those in the first edition and a few are copied in mirror image), but a few scenes are omitting and a few added. The present third edition uses the blocks of the 1593 edition, but with additions, so that it shows all scenes in the earlier editions and adds some new ones. There are now 13 blocks in the main series (the scene opening chapter 11, with death posed to strike two hunters with dogs, we have not seen in any earlier edition) plus a portrait of the Pope and a madonna and child. The book includes a table of contents an alphabetical index of the most important names, buildings and places.
The title of the woodcut map (which also has a lengthy letterpress text to its left) reads: "Descrittione di tutto l'amenissimo paese di Pozzuolo e luoghi convicini". In the present edition the two lines of the title are both set in large roman capitals, but in the 1625 edition, the second line is set in smaller roman capitals.

With a 1617 purchase(?) inscription at the foot of the title-page, and a 20th-century armorial bookplate of George Weare Tracy on the paste-down. In good condition, with the border of 1 woodcut very slightly shaved.
ICCU SBLE013841, RMLE045729, PARE006043; for the map: cf. BMC Printed Maps 11, p. 692; Tooley 460 (similar map from a different woodblock); not in IKAR.
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