32 CHRYSOSTOMUS, JOHANNES ''All the Works” / 222


Description: Opera Omnia, Tomus Primus: Index Amplissimus Insignium Sententiarum, Genesim, Psalmos, Esaiam. Tomus Secundus: Evangelio Matthaei, Marcus, Lucae. Tomus Tertius: Evangelio Joannum, Acta Apostolorum. Tomus Quartus: Epistolam Pauli, Tomus Quintus: Didactica et Paraenetica, Epistolae Septem, Apologetica, Catologi Finis.

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Parisiis, Apud Carolam Guillard viduam Claudij Cheuallonij, & Gulielmus Desboys, sub Sole aureo, in via diui Jacobi


5 volumes in 4 bindings complete, Tomus Primus: (144) 1276, Tomus Secundus/Tomus Tertius: (4) 1174, (4) 846, Tomus Quartus: (2) 1682, Tomus Quintus: (4) 1180 p. Contemporary Vellum, Folio

(Unique and fine set of ”All the Works”. Chrysosthomos, c. 347–407, Greek, Archbishop of Constantinople, was an important Early Church Father. He is known for his eloquence in preaching and public speaking, his denunciation of abuse of authority by both ecclesiastical and political leaders, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, and his ascetic sensibilities. After his death in 407 (or, according to some sources, during his life) he was given the Greek surname chrysostomos, meaning ‘golden mouthed’, in English and Anglicized to Chrysostom. Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church as a saint and as a Doctor of the Church. Churches of the Western tradition, including the Roman Catholic Church, some Anglican provinces, and parts of the Lutheran Church, commemorate him on 13 September. Some Lutheran and many Anglican provinces commemorate him on the traditional Eastern feast day of 27 January. The Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria also recognizes John Chrysostom as a saint with feast days on 16 Thout and 17 Hathor.)

Complete edition of ‘The Works’, a very fine copy.
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