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Title: Livre d'heures offert par les augustines de Vitré France.
Published in: Vitré, 1901
Description: Book of hours made in the monastery of Vitré in France (Bretagne), which monastery closed in 1975. Each of the 102 pages is decorated with a different border.
Each page is decorated with a illuminated four sided border, with extensive penwork with wash colour, containing acanthus leaves, flowers, fruit, butterflies, coats of arms, etc. decorated with gold and silver. The borders have a refreshing mix of Neo-Gothic and Art-deco elements. The miniatures are clearly Neo-Gothic.
The text, borders and miniatures are printed and elaborately finished by hand in wash colour, and silver. Text heightened by hand with red and blue paint. First and second text page in manuscript: "Livre d'Heures offert pas les Augustines de Vitré, France" and "Souvenirs de famille - Noël 1901", followed by 2 pp. with border but blank inside. Seems the book was never presented.
The book contains:
- Ordinaire de la Messe.
- Cérémonies du Mariage.
- Messe de Mariage.
Dimensions: 6.0 x 5.0 inches., 15.3 x 12.8 cm.

In attractive strong original colours.

Contemp. leather binding. Gilt raised spine. 104pp. on thick paper. Mint condition
  • Number: 1630033
  • Dealer: Speculum Orbis Nauticum