2 Remedies for.. internal and external diseases and ailments 106


Description: Remedies for common internal and external diseases and ailments

[CAPUEEL, Engelbert].
Enchiridion medicum oft medicyn boexken waer in ver-handelt worden veel sieckten die daghelijckx voor-vallen, daer by de remedien om die te genesen … den vyfden druck vermeerdert ende verbetert.
[CAPUEEL, Engelbert]. Eenige remedien die aen-gaen de chirurgie ofte uyt-wendige gebrecken des lichaems.
[CAPUEEL, Engelbert]. Clarius et majus lumen pharmacopaeorum. Dat is claerder en meerder licht der apothekers...
Antwerp, Conradus Ignatius van der Hey, 1734. 3 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. Contemporary calf, gold-tooled spine.
€ 400
Very rare revised and enlarged fifth edition of a medical compendium by the Belgian pharmacist Capueel Engelbert (1642-1733). It contains a collection of medicines and remedies for common diseases and ailments, based on different sources as well as the author's own experience. Therefore, according to the author, the book contains many new remedies. The first part deals with internal diseases, including fevers, dysentery, yellow fever, fainting, epilepsy, nose bleeds, lyse and worms. Capueel stands in the Galenic tradition of humorism, with bile from the pancreas as the main reason for fevers. The second part treats external diseases, including ailments to the eyes, teeth and skin (such as burns, mange and wounds). The third part is a pharmacopeia, describing different distillates, syrups and the use of salt when treating an illness. Capueel claims to have read all the pharmacopoeias, including the ones from London and Augsburg, and aims with his pharmacopoeia to correct their errors.
With bookplate. Title-page browned and frayed, only slightly browned throughout with a water stain in the lower margin of the first few leaves, otherwise in very good condition. Binding chafed, hinges cracked and top and bottom of spine damaged.
STCV (1 copy); Worldcat (2 other copies); cf. Blake, p. 77; BMN I, p. 8.
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