2 DODONAEUS R. Medicinalium observationum exempla rara. 106


Description: Plantin edition of an important medical work by Dodonaeus, the author of the Cruydt-boeck
Medicinalium observationum exempla rara. Accessere & alia quaedam, quorum elenchum pagina post praefationem exhibet.
Leiden, Christophe Plantin, 1585. 8vo. With Plantin's printer's device on the title-page. Contemporary overlapping vellum (fragment of a 16th-century legal instrument).
€ 5,500
The second augmented edition of this collection of medical cases, finely printed by Plantin. Dodoens describes 54 uncommon and complicated cases, drawn from his 40 years' experience as a physician. The first edition was published in 1581, containing 53 cases; the present edition was expanded with a case on palpitations. It is dedicated to Wolfgang Rumpff and concluded with observations by other leading medical authorities.
Rembert Dodoens (Rembertus Dodonaeus, 1517-1558) was one of the most accomplished botanists and physicians of his day. He was the court physician of the Austrian emperor Rudolf II in Vienna, and is best remembered for his monumental herbal (or rather pharmacopoeia) Cruydt-boeck, which had a profound influence on Japanese medical practice and opened the way to 'Rangaku'.
Some insignificant browning throughout. Fine copy with contemporary owner's entry on title-page: "Sum Christiani Beyeri Med. D."
Bibl. Belg. II, p. 229; BMN I, p. 184; STCN (3 copies).
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