2 Dutch herbal with 36 botanical plates BLANKAART, Steven. 106


Description: Dutch herbal with 36 botanical plates
Den Neder-landschen herbarius ofte kruid-boek der voornaamste kruiden, tot de medicyne, spys-bereidingen en konst-werken dienstig. Handelende van zommige hier te lande wassende boomen, heesters, mossen, enz.
Amsterdam, Jan Claesz. ten Hoorn, 1698. 8vo. With engraved title-page by Jan Luyken and 36 engraved botanical plates drawn by the author. Contemporary vellum.
€ 3,000
First edition of Blankaart's Dutch herbal, describing the form, varieties, medicinal (including veterinary) and non-medicinal uses and preparation of 510 plants, each with its own numbered chapter. The engraved title-page and the plates were engraved by Caspar Luyken but all are unsigned. The plates show each plant (including the roots) filling the page while the background contains a scene with landscapes, buildings, people, etc., giving a slightly surreal contrast of scales reminiscent of Abraham Munting's 1696 Naauwkeurige beschryving der aardgewassen. The book ends with an index to the Dutch and Latin plant names, an index to the ailments and medicines, and a 2-page list of fifty medical books printed by Ten Hoorn. In his introduction Blankaart distinguishes his herbal from its predecessors by the fact that he has deliberately not copied the Greek and Arabic botanical classics because the medicinal properties of their plants often differs greatly from those available in the modern Netherlands and the imported plants are often decayed or adulterated, but he does include many exotic plants grown in the Netherlands.
With some of the sewing loose, leaving one quire detached and another nearly detached, a small rust hole in the text of one leaf and an occasional minor marginal defect, but otherwise in very good condition. The binding is somewhat loose, with 2 sewing supports and the core of one headband broken at one hinge and the vellum at the head of the boards curled, but otherwise good.
Klaversma & Hannema 243; Krivatsy 1309; Nissen BBI, 171; STCN (5 copies).
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