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Description: On the newly invented denture of gutta-percha

DELABARRE, Antoine François Adolphe.
De la Gutta-Percha, et de son application aux Dentures Artificielles en remplacement des plaques métalligues et des substances obeuses corruptibles.

Paris, Victor Masson, et Chez l'Auteur, 1852. 8vo. Modern boards, with gilt morocco title-label on spine. With illustrations of the new denture of gutta-percha on large folding wood-engraved plate. (8), 54, (2) pp.

First edition of an important treatise by Antoine François Adolphe Delabarre (1819-1878), describing and depicting a newly invented denture of gutta-percha to replace the rather heavy and akward dentures and metal plates of the earlier days. First the history, preparation and use of gutta-percha in general is discussed, and then the application in dentistry is explained. The artificial teeth were stuck in a gutta-percha base, which had enormous advantages over the formerly used materials for denture bases. Still, with the invention a few years later of galvanised Indian rubber the gutta-percha method was overtaken.
Antoine François Adolphe Delabarre was the son of the famous dentist Christophe François Delabarre (1784-1862), the inventor of the 'Sirop Delabarre'.

Fine copy.
David 79; Poletti 53; not in Crowley.
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