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Description: Microscopic research in ca. 1850

HARTING, Pieter.
Het mikroskoop, deszelfs gebruik, geschiedenis en tegenwoordige toestand. Een handboek voor natuur- en geneeskundigen. Eerste - vierde deel.- IDEM. De nieuwste verbeteringen van het miskroskoop en zijn gebruik, sedert 1850.

Utrecht & Tiel, Van Paddenburg & Comp., Gebr. Campagne & H. C. A. Campagne, 1848-1858. 5 parts in 4 vols. Large 8vo. Contemporary red morocco presentation bindings, spines ribbed and richly gilt, with gilt and blind-stamped fillet borders on sides and gilt dedication "Het Antwerpsch Kruidkundig Genootschap aen zynen Achtbaren Bestuurder J.J. de Beucker. Oogstmaend 1864" on front covers, richly gilt inner dentelles, marbled edges. With 5 folding tables, and 24 folding lithographed plates with numerous illustrations, both technical ones of miscroscopes themselves, and illustrations of objects as seen through the microscope, animate as well as inanimate, for use of physicians, natural scientists and chemists, including one plate with microscopic illustrations of plants coloured by hand. X, (2), 415, (1); IX, (3), 356; XVII, (3), 542; VII, (1), 325, (30); VIII, 176 pp.

Special dedication copy of the first edition of an encyclopedic work on the microscope by the Utrcht professor P. Harting (1812-1885), originally planned - as announced in the preface to the first volume - in three volumes, treating: (1) Theory and general description of the microscope. With 3 folding tables and 5 folding lithographed plates. (2) Microscopic research. With 2 folding tables and 3 folding lithographed plates. (3) History of the microscope and description of instruments used at the time. With 10 folding lithographed plates.
The first three volumes were published from 1848 to 1850 by Van Paddenburg & Comp. in Utrecht, with the plates lithographed by J.L. Wichelhausen. The fourth volume was added by the author on request of many readers, who felt the need for a more extensive treatment of microscopic research. So, the fourth volume is in fact a Supplement to the second volume. It presents a basic text book on histology, divided into two parts, treating vegetable and animal tissue respectively. This volume was published as the fourth part of the earlier work in 1854 by Gebr. Campagne at Tiel, with the 3 folding plates lithographed by P.W. de Weijer in Utrecht.
Harting was professor pharmacy, zoölogy and anatomy at the Utrecht University from 1843 till 1882. He became famous for his invention of a new method for microscopic research of human and animal tissue. Harting considered himself a follower of Darwin and he attached great importance to presenting the results of modern science to a broader public. work by Harting was - not completely - translated into German and published in 1859 and for this edition the author added a Supplement to volume three, containing the latest improvements of the microscope since 1850. So, for owners of the earlier Dutch edition the extra volume: De nieuwste verbeteringen van het mikroskoop, was published in 1858 by H.C.A. Campagne at Tiel, but without calling it 'volume five' or 'Supplement'. In this added part a large number of new microscopes is described, and at the last moment were also added - not present in the German edition - the descriptions of two new German microscopes, produced by Hensoldt in Sonnenberg and by Krüss in Hamburg, both very useful and very well priced. The 2 folding plates illustrating this work were lithographed again by P.W. de Weijer in Utrecht.

Fine copy of the rare complete set.
Bierens de Haan 1901 & 1903; BNM I, p. 180; De Utr. Univ. 1815-1836 (1936), p. 129 et passim.
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