2 VRIES, Klaas de. Schat-kamer ofte konst der stuur-lieden106


Description: Rare second edition of a standard guide for ships' pilots,
using the copperplates and woodblocks of the first edition

Rare second edition of a standard guide for ships' pilots,
using the copperplates and woodblocks of the first edition
VRIES, Klaas de.
Schat-kamer ofte konst der stuur-lieden; … tweeden druk verbetert … en vermeerdert …
Amsterdam, Joannes Loots, "171 " (changed to "1707" by stamping with printing types). With woodcut illustration of a ship's pilot with a plumb line and navigational instruments by Adriaan Le Duc (1693-1729) on title-page, 4 engraved plates (3 folding and 1 full-page). Further with many woodcut illustrations (mostly diagrams), and letterpress tables of tides and solar and lunar positions.
Including: (2) SCHOOTEN, Frans van, and Adriaen VLACQ. De tafelen der sinuum, tangentium, en secantium, ofte der hoekmaten, raaklynen en snylynen, ... achter de selve de logarithmi ...
Amsterdam, Joannes Loots, 1707. With letterpress tables of logarithms and trigonometric functions. 2 parts in 1 volume. 8vo. Modern brown goatskin morocco.
€ 4,750
Very rare second edition, with additions and corrections, of a standard practical manual on the art of navigation, by the virtually unknown Klaas de Vries, teacher of mathematics in Amsterdam. Its illustrations are printed from the copper plates and woodblocks of the first edition of 1702, also published by Loots, and it repeats the 1701 dedication of that edition, to the famous Amsterdam burgomaster and one of the directors of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), Nicolaas Witsen, but now dated Amsterdam, 12 June 1706. In the preface De Vries summarises the content of the book, which is profusely illustrated (mostly with diagrams) and includes letterpress tables of the tides, the time lag between the positions of the sun and moon for the years 1707-1716, the declination of the sun, etc., as well as 4 engraved plates of a compass rose, the Jakob's staff and other navigational instruments, the "Platte Paskaart" and the "Wassende graadige paskaart". The work concludes with sections on the winds one can encounter on the journey from Holland to the Dutch East Indies; how to sail to the East Indies in autumn, during monsoons, etc.
Ad 2: Second Loots edition of tables of trigonometric functions and logarithms. The note to the reader in the first Loots edition, published with the Schat-kamer in 1702, explicitly stated that the tables were based on those published by Adriaen Vlacq in 1665 (Tabulae sinuum ...), but that they had been corrected, in part based on comparisons with the folio editions of Pitiscus for the trigonometric functions and Henry Briggs for the (simple numerical) logarithms.
In good condition, with owner's inscription on title-page and another cut out and replaced by a blank paper slip.
Ad 1: cf. Cat. NHSM, p. 672 (2nd ed., 1713); Crone Library 409 (2nd ed., 1713); STCN (1727 ed.); WorldCat (1 copy of 2nd ed., 1710); ad 2: Cat. NHSM, p. 671; Crone Library 387; STCN (1 copy).
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