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Description: First carto-bibliography

PAULLI, Simon the younger.
Orbis terraqueus in tabulis geographicis et hydrographicis descriptus, ..

Strassbourg, "ïn officina libraria editoris" [= bookshop of the compiler Paulli], 1670. Small 8vo in 4s (18 x 11 cm). Boards (ca. 1700?, made from a single piece of paperboard wrapped around the book), sewn on 3 vellum tapes, combed and curled marbled sides, red sprinkled edges, manuscript title on front board. With title-page and hierarchical geographical table of contents on its conjugate printed in red and black, with Paulli's engraved emblematic device (2 birds and a snake, with motto "simplex in malo prudens in bono") on the title-page and a related woodcut device (bird and snake with "simplex prudens.") at the end, a woodcut headpiece, tailpiece and decorated initial, decorations built up from cast fleurons. [8], 16, 132, 12, 40 pp.

First and only edition of the first carto-bibliography, systematically listing over 2200 maps and sea charts, mostly arranged geographically. The structure is clearly presented in the hierarchical table of contents, which divides the book into three main parts, each with its own pagination and series of quire signatures. Paulli recommends these mostly Dutch maps as the best of their time (only Sanson in Paris could compete with cartographers of the Dutch Republic). The first part covers maps of the ancient world, sacred and secular. The second part gives the main catalogue of geographical maps, briefly covering the world and the arctic before continuing with Europe, arranged by countries and sub-divided by duchy, province, department or county, followed by Africa, Asia and America. It covers maps by the 16th and 17th century's leading publishers of atlases and single-sheet maps, including Ortelius, Hondius, Blaeu, Janssonius, Visscher, Sanson, De Wit, Danckerts and Allard (Paulli occasionally gives a list of maps by a particular publisher), but also includes maps from more fugitive sources like local histories. The last part describes some 130 sea charts, pilot guides and sea atlases, mainly by Goos, Van Loon and Theunis Jacobsz. Thorough and useful alphabetical topographic indexes to each part and a six-language key to cartographic nomenclature close the book. Simon Paulli (ca. 1635?-post 1672), a book and map seller at Strassbourg and son of the Rostock physician and botanist of the same name, compiled this bibliography at the request of his clients to help them to build up their collections intelligently, dedicating it to Joan Blaeu and his sons, the heirs of Johannes Janssonius, and "Jo. Nic." (meaning Nicolaus) Visscher. While some map publishers had issued catalogues of their own maps for a century before Paulli's book appeared, he was the first to give such a broad and extensive overview. It also provides a valuable terminus ante quem for many undated maps by Visscher and others.
Paulli's carto-bibliography long remained almost unknown in the literature and is sometimes mistakenly attributed to his father. Zoegner's 1984 Bibliographie zur Geschichte der deutschen Kartographie lists Homann's 1736 Notitia as the earliest such catalogue, although Paulli gives nearly 20 pages of German maps alone. Besterman describes a copy without the indices and wrongly estimates it to contain 600 entries instead of the well over 2200 it actually carries. The part devoted to sea charts is sometimes bound before the other two parts, but the hierarchical contents suggest the order in the present copy. Koeman cites the present catalogue as a "noteworthy testimony of the esteem in which Dutch 17th century cartography was held by foreign contemporaries".

With a marginal stain in the corner of the first 2 quires. Binding somewhat rubbed and hinges reinforced. Good copy of a rare pioneering work of carto-bibliography.
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