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Description: SCHENK, Pieter. [Broadsheet antique battle plan of Belgrade under siege by Prince Eugene of Savoy]
Grund Riss von der Stadt und Vestung Belgrad in Servein... Aº 1717. Amsterdam, 1717. Map 495 x 540mm, with 180mm letterpress text underneath. A few small repairs.
A rare broadsheet antique map of Belgrade, published to accompany news of the siege of Belgrade, during the Austro-Turkish War of 1716-18, with a letterpress key in Dutch, German and French. Having defeated a large Turkish army, Prince Eugene of Savoy laid siege to the city in mid-June, starting a heavy bombardment. The city endured, and at the beginning of August a relief army of between 150,000-200,000 Turks took position on a plateau to the east and started to bombard the besiegers. When all expected Eugene to be annilated he pulled a master stroke: under cover of fog he attacked the relief army, caught them unaware and drove them off. This confirmed him as the leading military commander of the age. The only dates in the key are the 14th & 17th July: it appears that the plan was sent to Amsterdam before the Turkish relief army had arrived at Belgrade, and was published before news that the city had fallen had arrived. [«]
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