18] 1765 A ..Map of the British Dominions in America, 174


Description: 1765 A New and Accurate Map of the British Dominions in America, according to the Treaty of 1763...
Thomas Kitchin

Date: 1765 (Published) London

Dimensions: 20.5 x 24.25 inches (52 cm x 61.6 cm)

This splendid and scarce map of the British Dominions in America covers territories from modern day Canada in the north, including Newfoundland, all the way south to Florida and the Bahamas, and west to what is now New Mexico and the Midwestern states.

Here we see the British colonies as they were immediately following the conclusion of the French and Indian War and the Treaty of 1763. Aside from Pennsylvania, all the colonies extend from the east coast to the Mississippi River, and Florida is depicted as an archipelago. Half of Texas and the lower Missouri River valley are included. West of the Mississippi, and extending north of the river into Canada, Kitchin shows the territories ‘granted’ to various tribes of indigenous American Indians for their assistance in the war. Many early frontier forts are noted as are the names of some of the tribes to whom territories were granted. The port of Chicagou is noted on Lake Michigan.

Condition: Repairs made to the map on the verso meet the highest professional standards, rendering the map a grading of A. The hand coloring is of especially fine quality.

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