2 Two manuals on fortification RUSE, H. / Virtual Book Fair 106


Description: Two important manuals on fortification

RUSE, Hendrik.
Versterckte vesting, uytgevonden in velerley voorvallen, en geobserveert in dese laetste oorloogen, soo in de Vereenigde Nederlanden, als in Vranckryck, Duyts-lant, Italien, Dalmatien, Albanien, en die daer aengelegen landen.

With etched title-page and 8 double-page etched plates.

Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1654. With etched title-page and 8 double-page etched plates. [8], 53, [1], [2 blank].

(2) RUSE, Hendrik. Aenwysinge der misverstanden van G. Medler, begaen in sijne 'Instructie van de fortificatien', in welck hy de sustenuen van H. Ruse in 't verstercken der hedendaeghse fortificatien, pooght te wederleggen.
Amsterdam, Joan Blaeu, 1658. With large woodcut vignette on the title-page and folding etched plate. 32 pp. 2 works in 1 volume. Folio. Contemporary vellum.

First edition of a basic manual on fortification by the Dutch officer Hendrik Ruse, or Baron von Rusenstein (1624-1679). He was the first to break with the Dutch tradition in fortification and to introduce new elements based on his personal experiences as while serving in several armies abroad. Herewith he came into conflict not only with Gerard Melder, the head of the fortifications in the city of Utrecht but also with Freitag in Germany. Melder answered with a manual of his own, and attacked Ruse in his korte en klare instructie from 1658. Ruse, in his turn, retorted with the Aenwijsinghe der misverstanden van G. Melder, which is added here to the main work.

Good copies; ad 1 with old owner's manuscript entry on title-page.
Ad 1: Sloos, Warfare 08034; STCN (2 copies); ad 2: Sloos, Warfare 08039; STCN (3 copies, with slightly different fingerprint); cf. Jähns, pp. 1339-1341 on the works of both Ruse and Melder; Berlin Kat. 3530; Duffy, Siege Warfare, p. 104; Jordan, Bibliographie zur Geschichte des Festungbaues, 3251 & 3252.
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