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A rare complete set of the 4 Colossi.

Seutter, Matthaeus (1678 - c. 1757):Monarchic Statua Regum Europaeorum P.C.N. Nomina Continens./ Icon Synoptica Sac. Rom. Electorum, Du Cum, Principum./ Collosi Monarchico. Statua Danielis Dan. II.31./ Pontificum Romanorum Series Chronologica

Augsburg c1720

original copper engraved prints, high-lightened with gold; overall 60 x 53 cm each; plate 57 x 48 cm each. folds as issued; hand written annotations; occ. some staining, foxing and rust spots; c’folds split into image; some marginal tears, occ. into image; add. printer’s creases; o/w exc. cond. Latin text; with contemporary/original black and white overslips in the vernacular German to the original coloured “key” panels in Latin.

We are very pleased being able to offer for sale a rare complete set of the four Colossi!

Colossus..Danielis shows the figure of Colossus, with sword and scepter, representing Daniel's interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream (Dan. 2:39-40). History's great empires are engraved on the breastplate: Oriental empires on the left leg, Western oneson the right. Mythical animals representing the great monarchies flank the figure.

Pontificum Romanorum Series Chronologica shows a pope, sceptre in one hand, the other hand raised. On his body is a list of all the popes from the first to the seventeenth-century. In the background, to the left is the dome of St. Peter’s, Rome, and to his right is a pile of papal paraphenalia- a book, mitres, a hat, an incense burner.

Statua Regum Europaeorum P.C.N Nomina Continens shows a king, flanked on one side by crowns, sceptres, weapons musical instruments, etc and on the other by coats of arms. On his body and armour are listed the kings of the different European nations from the first to the seventeenth century, with their star signs and dates of their death.

Icon Synoptica depicts the gigantic symbolic figure of an Elector in full robes, which are covered with listings of all the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, princes, electors, and dukes. At the left is a pillar of heraldic coats of arms and on the right the crown and chair of state.

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