PRISSE D'AVENNES, E. / Porte du Palais du Soultan Beybars.


Description: PRISSE D'AVENNES, E.
Title: Porte du Palais du Soultan Beybars. (XIIIe. siècle)
Published in: Paris, 1877

Size: 19.3 x 12.9 inches.
49.0 x 32.7 cm.

Condition: Lithography on tinted grounds. Very good condition.
Condition Rating

Highly decorative lithography by Ch. Fichot, showing the walled-up entrance of Sultan Beybars' palace. From the author's "L'Art Arabe d'après les monuments du Kaire...".
Emile Prisse d'Avennes, Orientalist & Muslim convert, obsessive in his attention to detail, was after Champollion the greatest pre-20th century Egyptologist. His interests were not, however, limited to Egyptology and he produced this, one of the most important books on the Islamic monuments of Egypt.
A French nobleman by birth, though impoverished, Prisse d'Avennes seems to have spent his life in the pursuit of the exotic. After a period fighting for Greek independence Prisse d'Avennes traveled to India, a journey that prefigured his extensive Middle Eastern travels, which during the next 40 years took him to Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia, and most importantly Egypt and Algeria where he lived. Like Coste, Prisse d'Avennes worked for the Viceroy Mehmet Ali until 1836.
After that he explored Egypt on his own disguised as an Arab using the name Edris Effendi.
In 1860, Prisse d'Avennes returned to France with the fruits of his travels: 300 folio drawings, 400 metres of bas-reliefs, 150 photographs of important architectural details, 150 sketches, daguerreotypes, numerous plans, details and elevations copied on the scene.
Until his death in 1877 this wealth of material was to occupy him completely as he sought to organize it for publication.
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