15 MASTER OF JEAN ROLIN II Miniature of King David kneeling...16


Title: Miniature of King David kneeling and gazing toward heaven.
Published in: Paris, 1470

Size: 6.3 x 4.8 inches.
16.0 x 12.3 cm.

Original colours.
Condition: Very good. Right hand margin cut close. Size of miniature : 105x60mm. Size of vellum 160x123mm.
Condition Rating

Page from a Franciscan Book of Hours, use of Rome, with a large miniature set in full borders, by the Maitre François sub-group of Parisian artists of the middle of the second half of the 15th century, rather nearer to the Master of the Horloge de Sapience (or Master of Jean RolinII) than to Maitre François himself (cf. E.P.Spencer in Scriptorium, XVII,1963, esp.pp.294-5.)

Part of the delight of the present leaf lies in the borders and initials with their comic figures and grotesques, often with happy or sad faces. The border decoration showing a several figures and a bird. The figures have delicate faces with straight noses and small mouths.
The type of decoration is not common in the staid metropolitan art of the 15th century.
The figures are set in a stunning rich border within blue and gold acanthus leaves and flowers on the bare vellum.

A large miniature, from another hand a miniature of King David kneeling and gazing toward heaven, harp at his side, in a gently arched compartment. In the back ground a landscape and in the sky an angel in red and gold.
Figures with ragged garments are covered with hatching in liquid gold. The colours used by the artist consist mainly of blue, red hatched with gold, green and grey.

Underneath the miniature a text starting with a blue foliate 3-lines initial on burnished gold ground. Four lines of text in brown ink. Ruling in pink ink.

VERSO: Panel border with designs of burnished gold ivy leaves and coloured flowers on black hairline sprays. 14 lines of text in brown ink. Ruling in pink ink in fine gothic textura script, with rubrics in red. With 4 one-line initials in liquid gold in gold on red and blue ground with delicate white tracery and 2 line-fillers in same. ¤
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