2 The life of the Virgin, Raimondi after Dürer 106


Description: The life of the Virgin, engraved ca. 1506 by Raimondi after Dürer:
stunning series of 17 very large prints

DÃœRER, Albrecht and Marcantonio RAIMONDI.
[Life of the Virgin Mary].
[Bologna?, ca. 1685/90 (engraved Bologna, ca. 1506)]. 1mo (40 x 29 cm) A series of 17 very large numbered engraved prints. Each with Dürer's AD monogram and the last also with Raimondi's MAF monogram. Late 18th-century boards, in a paste-paper slipcase with an engraved label showing the coat of arms of the Count of Somaglia, (Don Gaetano?) Cavazzi in Milan.
€ 22,500
A complete series of 17 engraved prints of the life of the Virgin Mary, printed in Italy ca. 1685/90 from the original copper plates engraved ca. 1506 by Marcantonio Raimondi (ca. 1480-ca. 1527/34) after the 17 woodcuts that had so far been completed of what was to be a series of 20 by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528). Together with Lucas van Leyden, Dürer and Raimondi were the great pioneers of 16th-century graphic art, and Raimondi in particular established the copperplate print as the medium of choice for reproducing works of art from other media. The series is important both as a high point in the history of art and engraving and for its religious content, but also for the views it gives of life ca. 1500.
The coat of arms on the slipcase matches Rietstap's arms for the Milan family Cavazzi, Counts of Somaglia. In very good condition and with large margins. Binding somewhat worn and with a few cracks and minor stains.
Bartsch 621-637 (also in The Illustrated Bartsch, vol. XXVII); BDPI 1630611; Delaborde 235-251; Shoemaker et al., The engravings of Marcantonio Raimondi (1981), pp. 22 et al.
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