27 Hanns Lautensack / Georg Roggenbach before a landscape. 178


Description: Georg Roggenbach before a landscape.

Hollstein 65.I
Bartsch IX.211.9

Portrait of Georg Roggenbach; half-length, three-quarter face to right; window in the right background with view on the exterior landscape; on the wall at upper left, a coat of arms with a helmet ('Stechhelm'); first state. 1554
Signed and dated below on the ledge: 1554 ANNO AETATIS SVE XXXVIII HSL.
Watermarked with a crowned R above. Full plate border and 3 mm margins. Skilfully repaired hole (insect) in the cavity and elbow of his left arm. Restoration on the four corners just outside the inner image borderline.
Former collection of Dr. Herweg with his collection stamp on the back.

The print is of great interest for two reasons.

First the subject. It not only shows a powerful portrait but also a typical 'donau schule' landscape from a size and quality equal to his standalone landscap prints.
Second the quality of the etching, with the double square image borderlines and the saturated ink it is by al means equal to the example of the British Museum and here still with some margins around the plate border. I added an image of the BM print as the third image.

Additional Information
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Picture Size 35,90 cm x 25,40 cm
Specification Print
technic Etching
Artist Hanns Lautensack
period 16th Century
School German
subject Portrait
rating ****
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